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Elite Med Listings is a company committed to using technology, combined with our healthcare industry marketing expertise, to provide an exceptional patient experience without sacrificing profits for Health Care providers.  The local healthcare provider  operates a small medical practice  business.   The requirements necessary to operate a local medical practice; specifically, a cash based medical practice, and highly regulated compliance, create a recipe that often leads to low gross profit margins for the practice, and strain on the healthcare provider.  Elite Med Listings provides solutions to increase gross profit margins while improving the patient experience.

Online local marketing, including directory listing management ensures that patients can easily locate the practice online.  We find the inconsistencies in your online marketing and correct them. Our  customized patient acquisition management system handles the entire prospective patient process from the first contact with the practice until the time when the patient/ physician relationship is established during the first appointment.  We use our sophisticated customized platform to ensure that prospective patients are qualified and informed prior to their first appointment being scheduled with the practice.    

What do you get ?  A  better patient experience, increased close rates, and higher gross profit margins for the practice and the provider.

To determine if your practice can benefit from a contact management system and improve patient acquisition contact us for your complimentary practice assessment

Elite Med Listings

Why Choose Us

Patients are increasingly turning to online resources when deciding where to seek care. With more patients using search engines and online healthcare directories to find doctors and facilities, it’s more important than ever that healthcare providers supply immediate access to accurate information about their physicians and facilities.

Elite Med Listings Healthcare location management services are purpose-built to help solve the office, facility, and physician location data challenges facing healthcare providers.

Elite Med Listings will:

Take definitive control of Healthcare Providers Online listings

Increase the likelihood of great patient outcomes by providing current, accurate specific information patients search for online

Improve Results with Elite Med Listings Patient Acquisition Services and Online Marketing

•Elite Med Listings will lock & control your listings for doctors, facilities, and departments across key healthcare publishers and the world’s leading maps, apps, search engines, and social sites in the PowerListings® Network.

•Elite Med Listings will suppress confusing and SEO-damaging duplicate listings with our patented technology

•Tools and resources so you can deliver the Healthcare Location Cloud as part of your own

•Ensure your media, website, and SEO spend is effective by driving their patients to the right location, every time they search

•Elite Med Listings will Improve your search ranking by publishing your information across the most powerful publisher ecosystem, including key healthcare sites

•Elite Med Listings will enhance your digital content by showing healthcare-specific information, including

Monthly reporting
Updates as requested
Product suite

What Matters To Patients?

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Did You Know?
  • 77% of prospective patients search online prior to booking an appointment, but
  • 32% of physicians and healthcare facilities lack an online listing 29% of healthcare listings lack accurate phone numbers
  • 48% of healthcare listings have basic address errors
  • 68% of healthcare listings have a name related error.