In a busy aesthetic medical practice large quantites of leads are received through e-mail, and phone contact daily. For most plastic surgery staff, it is impossible to effectively work the leads, PLUS manage the day to day office workload. New prospective patients fall through the cracks, or are not qualified; which, waste the valuable time of the entire staff including but not limited to the doctor. The prospective patient initial contact experience is not conducive to encouraging patients to schedule procedures on the first consultation visit When prospective patients do not schedule procedures consultations are performed and typically little if any revenue is earned.

The aesthetic healthcare provider operates a small medical practice business. The requirements necessary to operate an aesthetic medical practice; specifically, a cash based medical practice, and highly regulated compliance, create a recipe that often leads to low gross profit margins for the practice, and strain on the healthcare provider.

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Elite Med Listings

The Elite Solution

Leads are processed through our offsite contact management center equipped with Virtual Patient Consultants (VPC) trained in cosmetic plastic surgery sales. We provide management oversite and use quantifiable call center metrics. We provide extended hours, real time phone transfers, and our extensive qualification process to deliver a better experience for the prospect, and a more prepared patient to the practice.

Elite Med Listings is a portfolio of services dedicated to the aesthetic medical sector ensuring an exceptional patient experience while maximizing practice revenue. Elite Med Listings provides solutions to increase gross profit margins while improving the patient experience.

Current Offerings Include:

  1. PACE Sales Management System
  2. Elite Med Sales Training and Consulting

Improve Results with Elite Med Listings Patient Acquisition Services and Online Marketing

PACE Sales Management System

Our customized patient acquisition management system handles the entire prospective patient process from the first contact with the practice until the time when the patient/ physician relationship is established during the first appointment.  We use our sophisticated customized platform to ensure that prospective patients are qualified and informed prior to their first appointment being scheduled with the practice.

Elite Med Sales Training and Consulting

Our customizable sales training and consulting programs focus on specific sales techniques designed to close more patients in less time. Sales training is available in both custom online platforms as well as on site within your practice. Monitored online exercises are included as part of our Elite aftercare program. This ensures that the staff is utilizing the newly acquired techniques and increasing the ROI in Elite Med Sales Training .

What do you get from PACE Sales Management System & Elite Med Sales Training?

A better patient experience increased close rates, and higher gross profit margins for the practice and the provider. To A better patient experience, increased close rates, and higher gross profit margins for the practice and the provider.

What Matters To Aesthetic Medical Patients?

Before & After Photos

Patient Reviews (online reputation)

Ease of Communication with practice

Location & Price

Did You Know?
  • The average response time to a web lead sent to high volume practices with paid Google advertising in major markets is 2.3 days
  • 50 % of plastic surgery practices in the top markets using paid Google ads did not respond to our web lead at all
  • The average patient who completes a website inquiry will take 3 attempts to contact before setting a qualified consultation appointment with the practice
  • Patients who do not schedule during the first consultation are less than 50% likely to do so after the first consultation