Patient Acquisition

The medical landscape has changed quickly and decisively over the past two decades. The change has been driven primarily by technology. It has created a marketing frenzy. One of the most evident shifts has been in in the cosmetic plastic surgery industry.  Elite Med Listings has experience in the cosmetic plastic surgery industry dating back to 1994. We know firsthand the challenge in acquiring suitable patients in the marketing driven specialty offered today. We are keenly aware of the large quantities of leads delivered through e-mail, and phone contact.  For most plastic surgery staff, it is impossible to effectively work the leads, PLUS manage the day to day office workload. New patients fall through the cracks or are not qualified; which, waste the valuable time of the entire staff including but not limited to the doctor.

Our Cosmetic Surgery Advisors division helps plastic surgery practices acquire qualified, professionally screened prospective patients for in office consultations.  We have created a customized solution.  Cosmetic Surgery Advisors exclusive PACE (Patient Automated Contact Experience) System
is a hybrid of a  sophisticated CRM (client relationship management) and cloud based telecommunication system  designed to provide professional appointment setting services.  Our system operates  Monday through Friday (with local hours until 8PM and Saturdays until 1PM ). We also offer protected local service areas(so we are not working with your competitors), initial and follow-up calls to new and older web and phone leads, as well as the option for live transfer of new prospective patient calls. We provide weekly reports to the practice and appointments are sent automatically to the practice in real time. We do not provide medical advice; however our staff is trained to provide the highest level of patient education and service setting appointments with qualified patients for the purpose of scheduling  non surgical and surgical procedures.

Simply put: There are two key performance indicators our system supports –

1. Improved closing ratio ( contact to  paying patient)

2. Shorten the length of time between contact and paying patient


Please click here  and let us know about your practice. We will contact you with a free practice assessment to determine if  Cosmetic Surgery Advisors can help your practice.