Take the guesswork out of patient conversion.

“Will they show up? Will they move forward and schedule a procedure? Are they prepared?”

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About The Founder

Angela ChatterfieldI am Angela Chatterfield, CEO and Founder of Elite Med Listings.  I’ve served the cash/ direct-pay medical practice industry since 1994.  Most of my experience stems from managing aesthetic plastic surgery practices; however, I also have experience with hormone replacement, dental, dermatology, med spas, and pain management cash/ direct pay practices.

Through my years of experience, I have become increasingly passionate about making sure that patient engagement is at an all-time high without compromising the profitability of the cash direct-pay practice. I am proud to be an approved Mentor Consultant.

It matters to me when doctors and providers are rated on the same review sites that rate restaurants, yet the responsibility of a medical provider extends far beyond that of a restaurant owner.  In our industry, we work very hard to deliver care to patients yet because the procedures are elective, we perform many tasks within our operational systems that are rarely compensated.  This is not sustainable.  I was passionate about finding a better way.

When I formed my company Elite Med Listings as a sub-business of Elite Local Listings in 2015, I made a conscious decision to focus squarely on aesthetic medical practices.  I modified a customer relationship management system that would allow practices to follow a proven process to schedule qualified prospective patients for elective procedures. Then I hired, trained, and developed my team of virtual patient coordinators so that I could maintain a culture of excellence.

Then we, in turn, could share our expertise with prospective patients for multiple practices that would become our clients.  I believe strongly in the power and effectiveness of outsourcing everything in the practice that is not required to be done in the practice.  Speaking with prospective patients preparing them for elective procedures does not have to be done within the practice.  I knew if I could move this out of the practice to a team of virtual patient coordinators who could spend time engaging patients, we would be able to achieve better conversion rates.

So we did it. We accepted our first aesthetic practice client in 2017. Since then, we have continued to grow and we now have impressive data to support the success of our process and our system.

I’m so proud of what we have been able to do with patients, practices, and our Elite team.  Having the privilege to build a team of caring patient coordinators and administrative coordinators who work with patients across the country every day virtually helping to educate, inspire, and influence them to achieve their dreams.  It is fulfilling to see the difference we make in practices when the patient coordinators are freed up to be able to spend time with prospective patients while they’re in the office instead of chasing prospective patients at the inquiry phase.  I am committed to leveling the playing field between elective medical providers, and the increasing desire to make their specialties commodities, just because they’re not covered by traditional insurance.  Patient engagement will always be the focus of what we do.  Balancing revenue, efficiency and the best patient outcomes is the end goal.

Our Values

Elite on the MOVE

Aesthetic Society Meeting
Aesthetic Society Meeting

Elite Med Listings joined the annual global gathering of innovators and aesthetic experts and Angela Chatterfield as one of the exhibitors in The Aesthetic Society Meeting, New Orleans in 2019.

Onsite Training
Onsite Training – Columbus Ohio July 2019

Angela Chatterfield during the client visit and onsite training. The Onsite Training enables the sales and marketing team to increase revenues for the practice by zeroing in on qualified, professionally screened prospective patients.

First Conference
Renuvion Sales Conference – Clearwater, FL October 2019
Renuvion Rendevouz Photo 8 j
Renuvion Rendevouz – Guilford, CT October 2019

Elite Med Listings joined the annual global gathering of innovators and aesthetic experts and Angela Chatterfield as one of the exhibitors in The Aesthetic Society Meeting, New Orleans in 2019.

Skinny Wednesday 6
Renuvion – Skinny Wednesday February 2020

Elite Med Listings made a partnership to continually improve patient engagement using technology and forums that will help to educate patients on the most up to date state of the art procedures and devices.


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