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You’ve had to make some very tough decisions in your practice these past few weeks. Every business is feeling the pressure of living in the era of social distancing. 

When everything reopens, it will be more important than ever for your schedule to be filled with patients who are ready to schedule and ready to pay. 

That’s why we’re pleased to partner with Elite Med Listings. Elite Med Listings offers a unique patient communication system to help plastic surgeons prepare, qualify, and convert leads via an online chat feature on your website. They move a potential patient from ‘interested’ to ‘scheduled’ on behalf of your practice. 

Even during this uncertain time, they can be there for your patients, answering their questions and getting them ready for treatments and procedures as soon as your practice is able to book. 

“Leads are certainly down, but sites that have a live chat feature are still seeing traffic, and our team can be there to answer that.” says Angela Chatterfield, Elite Med Listings’ Chief Contact Management Officer.

Your staff may not have the bandwidth right now to answer communications from patients. That’s why Elite Med Listings is the perfect option; from the patient’s perspective, they are speaking directly with your office, so there’s no confusion. All the information provided by the patient is forwarded to your patient coordinator. Patients who go through Elite Med Listing’s screening process have a less than 1% no-show rate.

For each qualified patient that schedules and shows up for their in-office (or virtual) consultation, you only pay $99. If the patient is a no-show, you pay nothing. There is a setup fee of $999, but as an ALPHAEON CREDIT practice, you receive a 50% discount off of this fee.

Patients can even be set up for virtual consultations if that’s what the practice coordinator wants to do. “We have embraced the value of outbound contact calls, and we are calling previous patients and advising them that virtual consultations are available,” says Chatterfield. By using Elite Med Listings, patients show up to those with paperwork and photos already in your files.

At ALPHAEON CREDIT, we will only steer you towards companies we feel can benefit your practice and with a 100% practice retention rate, we feel confident in recommending Elite Med Listings.

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If you do decide to look into Elite Med Listings, please let us know how the program works for you! We strive to make ALPHAEON CREDIT the very best in patient financing, and only want to recommend the very best in products and services to our partner practices.

And, as always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (920) 306-1794 or at teamcredit@alphaeon.com.

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