Take the guesswork out of patient conversion.

“Will they show up? Will they move forward and schedule a procedure? Are they prepared?”

About Us

Elite Med Listings is a boutique-style contact management company created to serve the needs of cash/direct-pay medical practices. The medical landscape has changed quickly and decisively over the past two decades. The change has been driven primarily by technology. It has created a marketing frenzy. One of the most evident shifts has been in cash/direct -pay medical practices. Elite Med Listings has experience in the cash/direct-pay medical practice industry dating back to 1994. The aesthetic medical practice industry gave us the opportunity to hone our patient engagement practices. The aesthetic medical practice industry has always been cash/direct-pay . Aesthetic medical patients interact with practices with the full knowledge that a cash transaction will take place. It is the responsibility of the practice to handle transactions efficiently and generate sustainable revenue. We know firsthand the challenge in screening and qualifying suitable patients in the cash/direct-pay marketing-driven specialties offered today.

We are keenly aware of the enormous quantities of leads delivered through email, and phone contact. For most plastic surgery staff, it is impossible to effectively work the leads, PLUS manage the day to day office workload. New patients fall through the cracks or are not qualified; which wastes the valuable time of the entire staff including but not limited to the doctor.

Elite Med Listings helps cash/direct pay medical practices acquire qualified, professionally screened prospective patients for in-office consultations. This is accomplished by improving the pre-qualification process for every new web lead contact with the practice. We have created a customized solution.

Our exclusive PACE (Patient Automated Contact Experience) Sales System- Premiere is a hybrid of a sophisticated CRM (client relationship management) and cloud-based telecommunication system designed to provide professional appointment setting services. All contacts with prospective patients generated through your existing web leads are handled expertly by our Elite certified Virtual Patient Coordinators (VPC’s).

We provide personalized service Monday through Friday (with local hours until 8 PM and Saturdays until 1 PM). We assign VPC’s to exclusively handle your practice, initial and follow-up calls to new and older web and phone leads, as well as the option for live transfer of new prospective patient calls. We recently added Live Chat for our clients to their websites. Chat leads are screened and qualified with the same professionalism and expertise as the web and phone leads. We provide multiple weekly reports to the practice, and appointments are sent automatically to the practice in real-time. Practices using EMR are provided their scheduled appointments directly into their EMR. Our exclusive online learning platform provides staff coaching to improve closing ratios.

We do not provide medical advice; however, our team is trained to provide the highest level of patient education and service setting appointments with qualified patients for scheduling both non-surgical and surgical procedures.

Simply put: There are two key performance indicators our system supports –

1. Improved closing ratio (contact to paying patient)
2. Shorten the length of time between contact and paying patient

Today’s cash/direct-pay medical practice business model does not allow for an effective process of qualifying and managing leads.

Therefore, revenue-generating procedures are closed at a low percentage and rarely on the first consultation visit.

Why Outsource ?

Expert Contact Management Performed Offsite

Our contact management process allows for the time necessary to build rapport, ask probing questions, gather general health information, present value statements about the doctor, and financially qualify the prospective patient. Our VPC’s are monitored on our automated platform and all activity for each lead is automatically logged, recorded, and managed.

PACE Sales Management System-Premiere is not part of the practice systems used to manage patients either manually or electronically. Our interaction with contacts is limited to the time prior to the practice establishing a physician/ patient relationship. We are HIPPA compliant as business associates with the practice. We do not give medical advice. We are an extension of the practice and patients are given an enhanced experience as the first contact to your practice

Plastic surgery practices

Before I go home for the weekend I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your team for the excellent service you are providing to us and to our patients. On a daily basis, I am asked when I go in the room “are you who I talked to?” They are always very impressed with the time spent with them and the friendly and knowledgeable information they received. I had a patient yesterday that come in with her husband. She was going on and on about how great “her person” was. She told me she wanted a breast lift because her husband was taking her on a big trip to some island. She said the girl she spoke with even looked it up while they were talking and making her appointment. It really does set me up to offer them the confidence that the great service they have already been given will continue throughout their experience at Advanced Aesthetics. A big thank you to whoever spoke with Christy Donahue she was very impressed and actually so was I!

Plastic Surgery Center – Georgia



We engage prospective patient in a qualifying conversation averaging 18 minutes. Patient feels informed, excited, financially prepared and has a date in mind for surgery.


The opportunity to close the patient increases significantly, since patients are prequalified. The consultation is a meaningful exchange of information with a qualified, well informed, financially prepared prospective patient.


Practice staff can concentrate on the day to day operation of the practice. Existing patient care improves and staff concentrates on the patient needs and upsell opportunities increased.



Reports are sent out to show weekly and monthly performance in closing patients. A quarterly review is held to identify patterns for process improvements. **

**PACE Sales Management Premiere Only

Elite Med Sales Training and Consulting

Staff Training

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there are 17.5 million cosmetic surgery procedures done in 2017. That is 2% more than the previous year. With the aid of technology, patients are able to reach out to the practice quicker than ever before to gather more information regarding their procedure of interest. While the demand is promising, not all prospective patients are qualified.


Elite Med Listings offers in-depth sales and marketing training that is developed for the practice team and each individual staff member. The material includes the critical steps needed that enable the sales and marketing team to increase revenues for the practice by zeroing in on qualified, professionally screened prospective patients.

#1 The People

Everything begins from within. This module asks participants to be introspective and explore how skills, attitudes and beliefs affect performance. It was once famously said that people make or break any business. A practice is only as good as its people and its leaders.

#2 The Process

A solid process supports consistent quality service and minimizes waste. This part of the training provides an overview on a patient’s cycle with the practice giving them a bigger picture.


#3 The Sale

Sales are to businesses, like oxygen is to humans. During this time, participants will be given time build the essential skills in closing from the different stages of the patient’s life cycle with the practice.

#4 Relating to Patients

Any patient that goes to a medical practice for consultation is looking to buy a product that is very personal to them. It is then an expectation for them to receive customized care from the first contact until the completion of treatment. This module covers how the whole team can contribute in building a strong long term relationship with patients.

#5 Practice Management and Leadership

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. This part of the training focuses on how to make all pieces in previous modules be a cohesive unit.

#6 Accountability

This module prepares the learner to apply all lessons in their respective roles.


Improve Results with Elite Med Listings

In a busy cash/direct -pay medical practice large quantities of leads are received through email, and phone contact daily. For most administrative medical staff, it is impossible to effectively work the leads, PLUS manage the day to day office workload. New prospective patients fall through the cracks, or are not qualified; which, waste the valuable time of the entire staff including but not limited to the doctor. The patient experience is not optimized and the outcome is mutual dissatisfaction. The prospective patient’s initial contact experience is typically not conducive to encouraging patients to schedule procedures on the first consultation visit. When prospective patients do not schedule procedures during the initial consultation, the likelihood of them scheduling with the practice drops by an average of 50%.

The cash/direct -pay healthcare provider operates a small medical practice business. The requirements necessary to operate a cash-pay medical practice include highly regulated compliance and create a recipe that often leads to low gross profit margins for the practice, and strain on the healthcare provider.

How can we help your practice

Elite Med Listings The Elite Solution

Leads are processed through our offsite contact management center equipped with Virtual Patient Coordinators (VPC) trained in a variety of cash/direct-pay medical practice sales. We work with cosmetic surgery, dermatology, hormone therapy, regenerative medical practices and more. Our service is a fit for practices that are 70% or more cash/direct-pay based. We provide lead nurturing and contact management oversight using our proprietary modified CRM (customer relationship management system )combined with quantifiable call center metrics. We provide extended hours, real-time phone transfers, and our extensive qualification process to deliver a better experience for the prospect and a more prepared patient to the practice.

Plastic surgery practices

Elite Med Listings is a portfolio of services dedicated to the cash/direct-pay medical sector ensuring an exceptional patient experience while maximizing practice revenue. Elite Med Listings provides solutions to increase gross profit margins while improving the patient experience

Current Offerings Include:

PACE Sales Management System – Premiere
PACE Sales Management System – Basic
PACE Sales Management System – Chat
Elite Med Sales Training and Consulting

PACE Sales Management Systems- Premiere, Basic, Chat

Our customized patient engagement management system handles the entire prospective patient process from the first contact with the practice until the time when the patient/ physician relationship is established during the first appointment. We use our sophisticated customized platform to ensure that prospective patients are qualified and informed prior to their first appointment being scheduled with the practice.

Elite Med Sales Training and Consulting

Our customizable sales training and consulting programs focus on specific sales and resolution techniques designed to close more patients in less time. Sales training is available in both custom online platforms as well as on-site within your practice. Monitored online exercises are included as part of our Elite Premiere aftercare program. This ensures that the staff is utilizing the newly acquired techniques and increasing the ROI using Elite Med Sales Training.

Take the guesswork out of patient conversion.

“Will they show up? Will they move forward and schedule a procedure? Are they prepared?”

What Matters To Cash/Direct -Pay Medical Patients?

  • Before & After Photos (If applicable)
  • Ease of Communication with practice
  • Patient Reviews (online reputation)
  • Location & Price

Did You Know? Our Research Showed

  • The average response time to a web lead sent to high volume practices with paid Google advertising in major markets is 2.3 days.
  • 50 % of plastic surgery practices in the top markets using paid Google ads did not respond to our web lead at all
  • The average patient who completes a website inquiry will take 3 attempts (with three different methods each time; phone, e-mail, text)to contact before setting a qualified consultation appointment with the practice
  • Patients who do not schedule with your practice during the first consultation are less than 50% likely to do so after the first consultation

Improve Results with Elite Med Listings

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