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In a busy cash/direct -pay medical practice large quantities of leads are received through email, and phone contact daily. For most administrative medical staff, it is impossible to effectively work the leads, PLUS manage the day to day office workload. New prospective patients fall through the cracks, or are not qualified; which, waste the valuable time of the entire staff including but not limited to the doctor. The patient experience is not optimized and the outcome is mutual dissatisfaction. The prospective patient’s initial contact experience is typically not conducive to encouraging patients to schedule procedures on the first consultation visit. When prospective patients do not schedule procedures during the initial consultation, the likelihood of them scheduling with the practice drops by an average of 50%.

The cash/direct -pay healthcare provider operates a small medical practice business. The requirements necessary to operate a cash-pay medical practice include highly regulated compliance and create a recipe that often leads to low gross profit margins for the practice, and strain on the healthcare provider.


About Us

Elite Med Listings The Elite Solution

Leads are processed through our offsite contact management center equipped with Virtual Patient Coordinators (VPC) trained in a variety of cash/direct-pay medical practice sales. We work with cosmetic surgery, dermatology, hormone therapy, regenerative medical practices and more. Our service is a fit for practices that are 70% or more cash/direct-pay based. We provide lead nurturing and contact management oversight using our proprietary modified CRM (customer relationship management system )combined with quantifiable call center metrics. We provide extended hours, real-time phone transfers, and our extensive qualification process to deliver a better experience for the prospect and a more prepared patient to the practice.

Elite Med Listings is a portfolio of services dedicated to the cash/direct-pay medical sector ensuring an exceptional patient experience while maximizing practice revenue. Elite Med Listings provides solutions to increase gross profit margins while improving the patient experience


Current Offerings Include:

PACE Sales Management Systems- Premiere, Basic, Chat

Our customized patient engagement management system handles the entire prospective patient process from the first contact with the practice until the time when the patient/ physician relationship is established during the first appointment. We use our sophisticated customized platform to ensure that prospective patients are qualified and informed prior to their first appointment being scheduled with the practice.

Elite Med Sales Training and Consulting

Our customizable sales training and consulting programs focus on specific sales and resolution techniques designed to close more patients in less time. Sales training is available in both custom online platforms as well as on-site within your practice. Monitored online exercises are included as part of our Elite Premiere aftercare program. This ensures that the staff is utilizing the newly acquired techniques and increasing the ROI using Elite Med Sales Training.

Take the guesswork out of patient conversion.

“Will they show up? Will they move forward and schedule a procedure? Are they prepared?”

What Matters To Cash/Direct -Pay Medical Patients?

  • Before & After Photos (If applicable)
  • Ease of Communication with practice
  • Patient Reviews (online reputation)
  • Location & Price

Did You Know? Our Research Showed

Why Choose Us

Improve Results with Elite Med Listings.

What do you get from PACE Sales Management System & Elite Med Sales Training?

A better patient experience increased close rates, and higher gross profit margins for the practice and the provider.

We Serve Cash/Direct Pay

Plastic Surgeon
Plastic Surgeon
Cosmetic Surgeon
Cosmetic Surgeon
Hormone Therapy
Hormone Therapy
Medical Weight Loss
Medical Weight Loss
Acupuncture Clinic
Acupuncture Clinic
Infertility Clinic
Infertility Clinic
Lasik Eye Surgery
Lasik Eye Surgery
Gene therapy concept. Medical technology. Medtech.
Regenerative Medicine

What Our Clients Say

Before I go home for the weekend I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your team for the excellent service you are providing to us and to our patients. On a daily basis, I am asked when I go in the room “are you who I talked to?” They are always very impressed with the time spent with them and the friendly and knowledgeable information they received. I had a patient yesterday that come in with her husband. She was going on and on about how great “her person” was. She told me she wanted a breast lift because her husband was taking her on a big trip to some island. She said the girl she spoke with even looked it up while they were talking and making her appointment. It really does set me up to offer them the confidence that the great service they have already been given will continue throughout their experience. A big thank you to whoever spoke with her, she was very impressed and actually so was I!
Plastic Surgery Center – Georgia
It took about 3 minutes of speaking with Angela Chatterfield to know that she was the perfect match for our office. Angela is smart, funny, articulate, energetic, experienced, organized and extremely knowledgeable. The event we planned together (cleverly named “Forget Fat Tuesday – Join Us for Skinny Wednesday”) was an absolute success! Our patients had fun and learned a lot, which was the goal. Angela’s enthusiasm is without-a-doubt contagious. For any office hosting an event or wanting to improve their patient relations, Angela is the woman for the job.
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Practice Office Manager – Newport Beach, CA
I was introduced to Angela Chatterfield by one of my Vendors, which came highly recommended. Angela and her team started working with our practice in November of 2018. She and her team worked on bringing in vetted leads into our practice. Angela screened each patient to make sure they were qualified candidates. Her team ran different promotions every month that helped amp up our leads, which were vetted very successfully in terms of turn our and conversion. She assisted in training new front office and staff and provides. Angela was more than willing to consult in matters above and beyond her contractual duties. Whenever there was time-sensitive matter, Angela would personally handle in lieu of assigning to a staff member. Angela has been a key asset to my business and I would personally recommend her services to anyone.
Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Newport Beach, CA

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