Take the guesswork out of patient conversion.

“Will they show up? Will they move forward and schedule a procedure? Are they prepared?”

PACE Sales Management System – Basic

Elite Med Listings is a boutique-style contact management company created to serve the needs of cash/direct pay medical practices.

We help cash/direct pay medical practices close qualified, professionally screened prospective patients for in-office consultations. We accomplish this by improving the pre-qualification process for every new web lead contact.

Our highly trained staff expertly screen and qualify leads from multiple sources and perform all contact efforts. This includes everything from the initial contact to providing the practice with a detailed patient intake. We deliver a new patient ready to schedule a consultation and an aesthetic procedure directly with your practice. Our proven process consistently increases revenue and growth. Your staff can now close pre-qualified patients and schedule procedure appointments on the same day of the consultation. Saving time, increasing close rates, and dramatically growing practice revenue.

We generate quality New Patient appointments screened and qualified and help you realize UNBEATABLE ROI.

37 % of Scheduled Qualified Leads Resulted in Scheduled Procedures.
Additional 14 Average New Surgeries Booked Per Month (from Web leads Exclusively).
$108,309.03 Average Value of New Surgical Procedures Booked per Month


“ Before I go home for the weekend I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and your team for the excellent service you are providing to us and to our patients. On a daily basis, I am asked when I go into the room “are you who I talked to?” They are always very impressed with the time spent with them and the friendly and knowledgeable information they received. I had a patient yesterday that came in with her husband. She was going on and on about how great “her person” was. She told me she wanted a breast lift because her husband was taking her on a big trip to some island. She said the girl she spoke with even looked it up while they were talking and making her appointment. It really does set me up to offer them the confidence that the great service they have already been given will continue throughout their experience at our practice. A big thank you to whoever spoke with our patient she was very impressed and actually so was I! ”

–Plastic Surgery Center – Georgia

“PACE Sales Management System allows our practice to not worry about leads and I get to be a doctor.”
– Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon- Connecticut

“We are a very busy practice and we have had the best ROI of any decision in our practice. We no
longer need to worry about staff turnover because our leads are always expertly handled.”

– Board Certified Plastic Surgeon- Arizona


Get More Qualified leads. See more qualified patients. Grow your practice.
Pay Per One Flat Fee Per Month

You pay one flat fee per month based on the potential for new cosmetic patients in your market. We have decades of combined experience generating and qualifying cosmetic surgery procedure leads. Your fee is based on an average of expected leads over a 12-month projection. We provide you with our Elite Med Custom Reporting, which allows our practices to view their leads in real-time and view a detailed intake prior to calling the patient and scheduling the initial consultation.

No long term Contracts

You can pause or stop your campaigns at any time after 90 days with only 30 days’ notice.
We are so sure that you will see value with us that a long-term contract is unnecessary to prove ourselves. We’ve built a flat monthly payment solution that will help your practice grow.


You can see the effectiveness of your campaign with access to the Elite Med Custom Reporting. We believe in transparency.
You can see the phone calls, web leads, and chats we’ve handled, as well as track how well we’ve helped your practice grow. If you want to reach us at any time, your online portal allows for seamless and effective communication.

Low- Risk

We charge one monthly fee! No long-term contract!
We stand behind our product because we know it works. But it only works when the clients and the staff are dedicated to handling the qualified patients we confirm for the practice quickly, efficiently, and effectively. In fact, if closing the qualified appointments consistently is an issue in your practice, we offer the Elite Med Listings Training Program to help educate the team to “close more patients in less time.”. This is an upgrade to the PACE Sales Management System -Basic.**
** Additional discounted fee


We analyze your market and the potential to attract qualified cosmetic cash-pay patients. We determine the flat monthly payment due based on projected patient leads and the screening and qualifying of the new leads generated. The monthly amount is based on a 12-month projection. Our minimum practice investment is $ 3995 monthly. A trained virtual patient coordinator contacts every lead within seconds and screens and qualifies every lead. An appointment is scheduled in real time and sent to the practice immediately. The detailed intake is available to the practice in real-time within their Elite Med Custom Reporting, and prospective patients are ready to schedule the appointment for their consultation with the practice.

You pay one flat monthly fee but it heavily depends on the potential leads forecasted within your market. For this reason, the monthly fees vary. For example, a practice in New York City would likely have a different monthly fee than a practice in Corpus Christi, TX. Practices with multiple providers would also have different rates as we need to schedule leads for multiple providers. Practices with heavy lead volume are encouraged to upgrade to the PACE Sales Management System – Premiere with a set monthly fee, enhanced reporting, and practice consulting, and appointment setting included. Your practice development sales manager will monitor your account to see which program is best for your practice.

We specialize in aesthetic medical practices. We do not work with practices that accept insurance as a primary source of revenue. Our service works best with practices that are focused on increasing the cosmetic surgery portion of their practice.


Just like with any marketing medium, we cannot guarantee a certain amount of appointments, but unlike most other marketing options, we base our monthly pricing on verifiable analytics so that our projections are likely to be very close to what is actually realized by the practice. With no long-term contract and our commitment to transparency, the risks are very low with a very high potential upside.



Improve Results with Elite Med Listings

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