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“Will they show up? Will they move forward and schedule a procedure? Are they prepared?”

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According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there are 17.5 million cosmetic surgery procedures done in 2017. That is 2% more than the previous year. With the aid of technology, patients are able to reach out to the practice quicker than ever before to gather more information regarding their procedure of interest. While the demand is promising, not all prospective patients are qualified.


Elite Med Listings offers an in-depth sales and marketing training that is developed for the practice team and each individual staff member. The material includes the critical steps needed that enable the sales and marketing team to increase revenues for the practice by zeroing in on qualified, professionally screened prospective patients.


#1 The People

Everything begins from within. This module asks participants to be introspective and explore how skills, attitudes and beliefs affect performance. It was once famously said that people make or break any business. A practice is only as good as its people and its leaders.

#2 The Process

A solid process supports consistent quality service and minimizes waste. This part of the training provides an overview on a patient’s cycle with the practice giving them a bigger picture.

#3 The Sale

Sales are to businesses, like oxygen is to humans. During this time, participants will be given time build the essential skills in closing from the different stages of the patient’s life cycle with the practice.

#4 Relating to Patients

Any patient that goes to a medical practice for consultation is looking to buy a product that is very personal to them. It is then an expectation for them to receive customized care from the first contact until the completion of treatment. This module covers how the whole team can contribute in building a strong long term relationship with patients.

#5 Practice Management and Leadership

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. This part of the training focuses on how to make all pieces in previous modules be a cohesive unit.

#6 Accountability

This module prepares the learner to apply all lessons in their respective roles.


Each module focuses on the different components that affect a patient experience with the practice. Each interaction by all staff members are part of the practice’s product and affects a patient’s decision in whether to proceed with the cosmetic procedure. The full training will allow staff members to develop a holistic approach on all patient interactions.


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