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Our core Values.
Everyone is valued.
Learning never ends.
Innovation is the fuel of a successful team.
Teams who value performance are held together because of it.
Elite is an adjective proudly shared as the definitive description of our team.

Patients build the best practices. Team members build the best practices. Together we build the Elite brand.

Open Positions at Elite Med Listings :

  • Remote Appointment Setters
  • Remote Medical Patient Screeners


What our team members say…

“Elite Med Listings is certainly not for everyone. I enjoy working here because of the high caliber of professionals I get to collaborate with daily. Working with such a talented group of individuals is continuously inspiring and I love challenging myself and my team to break glass ceilings as a routine.”

C.N. Client Services Manager

Since February 2018

“It has been great since I joined the company. Everyone has been so kind since the first day. The positive energy coming from the team encourages me to work harder and dedicate more for the company. It’s a great company that has a superb team you can rely on. I am grateful for the opportunity and I really look forward to learn a lot and grow within Elite Med Listings.”

K.F – Virtual Patient Coordinator 2

Since March 2021

“I’m one of the most recently hired by this great company. And I must say that I am lucky to be given the opportunity to be working with them. All the people in this company are such happy people, they welcome you with all smiles and make you feel at home.They practice two-way communication where we can suggest or they can criticize constructively for the betterment of our service. “

K.P. – Virtual Patient Coordinator 2

Since March 2021

“Through my experience at Elite Med Listings I am learning a lot about different management styles. I am able to help patients have a pleasurable experience. I interact with both doctors and patients each day ensuring an accurate timely response to their needs. I get to hear about personal and professional matters that help me understand the patient. This is both educational and inspiring.”

N.B. Front Desk Coordinator – Smart Practice

Since June 2020

“I joined this company because it has an exciting opportunity! Working at home and also an everyday learning process that helps you and teach you to grow in this industry. I have a great team that helps me to learn and grow everyday.”

A.V. intern

Since February 2021

Working in Elite Med Listings came as a blessing to me. When I started with Elite, I needed a job. I was working from home with another company that decided to open a local office and allowed us to continue working with them. If I accepted the work it is a 3-hour drive from my home. I was comfortable, I was in my safe zone, but because of the circumstances I graciously declined the offer. I was lucky that Elite needed someone, just at the right time that I was looking for a job.

Now, I still consider Elite a blessing. Working at Elite is a constant place of learning where learning well and performing well are never left unnoticed… they are rewarded. I started as a part-time Receptionist and Patient Coordinator preparing and scheduling patients for their appointments with doctors and now, I am Elite’s Client Services Assistant Manager. I help our Client Services Manager with our day-to-day operations. I have helped form our policies as we grow bigger as a company and hire more people… But of course, I continue to call patients and still prepare them for an appointment with doctors… which is what Elite Med Listing is all about… Closing more patients in less time…

Elite’s vision is very clear. We are constantly reminded of what our goals are and where we are heading. Because of this, it makes it very easy to wake up each morning and start my work energized and ready to face the day’s challenges and small wins.

If you ask me if I would move out and find another place to work? Not in this lifetime…

KM- Assistant Client Services Manager

Since September 2018

“As a full-time mom, it took a while for me to search for a job that would suit my skills and schedule. Fortunately, I met Angela who gave me the opportunity to work from home. For the record, this is my first and only home base job, and still working with Elite for 6 years now. Working here in Elite is like working with a family: goals are set, values are maintained, there’s a collaboration in the workplace, and everyone aims for success. This has been my dream job and it came to reality in God’s perfect timing. I am extremely happy to see how Elite Med is growing.”

—C. E. Practice Support Manager

Since May 2015

“I started working at Elite Med as a virtual receptionist. It’s been a fun and fulfilling experience! I get to learn new things every day and that’s what makes me enjoy my job. I love my teammates and everyone has been very supportive. Everyone steps up to help each other and work competently to reach the goal. What makes this company so great is that it cares for its employees as much as it cares for its clients. Working here provides a huge opportunity for growth, both professionally and personally. It’s a blessing to be part of this brilliant team!”

P.T. – Virtual Receptionist

Since January 2021

“For me, working in Elite means getting the opportunity

to be working in a team with a very supportive culture,

to be able to create a huge impact in the lives of both our patients and our practices,

to be appreciated based on my performance and not just based on my experience,

to be rewarded a fair and competitive compensation,

and most importantly, to be safe and be worry-free about the risks of COVID-19 as I work in the convenience of my home right next to my loved ones. Elite is indeed a blessing to me and my family.”

R.S. Virtual Patient Coordinator -Medical Coordinator RN, BSN

Since May 2020

“I joined team Elite in 2018 and had the pleasure of working with our team, our doctor accounts, and our many patients. To work with a team that feels like family yet is rewarding, engaging, and challenging all in one- there is no other team like team Elite. It is refreshing to work with a team where everyone is on the same page, in pursuit of the same goal knowing there is always room to learn and grow. We are constantly busy and always looking for new talent to join the team.”

L.L .RN Sr. Patient Coordinator

Since December 2018

“How do I stay positive and cheerful while working? It’s easy — I love my job and the people I work with. I love what I do and I can see beyond a tough day.
We may be a small company but I’m confident that the company’s success is also our success. As some people say, the ladder to success is endless, and Elite Med is giving me the opportunity to climb as high as I can.
So if you are a dedicated and hardworking person, I look forward to working with you soon!”

– E.F.
Virtual Receptionist & Chief of Happiness

“Working at Elite Med Listings is such a huge blessing!

Given that it’s a start up business we are able to perform our maximum potential at the comfort of our home, ensuring that we deliver great results.

Great management and awesome team!”

F.A. since June 2020
HR Coordinator

Available Job descriptions

Job Description:

Virtual Patient Coordinator-Medical Practices – Work from Home

Flat Rate per scheduled qualified appointment OR hourly wage

  • Responsibilities– Outbound/Inbound phone call appointment setting
  • This is a 1099 non-employee position.
    Sales Experience Required No cold calling. New leads and live transfers only
  • Business hours are 8-8 Monday-Friday Saturday 9-1
  • Must have a headset, high-speed internet, and a quiet place to work
  • Must have remote work from home or call center SALES experience
  • We are a performance-based company interested in adding to our team of super motivated virtual patient coordinators.
  • Bonuses and Spiffs offered
  • If you are up for the challenge and want to get paid based on your stellar performance, we want to hear from you!
Job Title: Remote Medical Patient Screener(Entry Level)

# of Job Vacancies: 3

Job Description Virtual Medical Patient Screener -Medical Practices – Work from Home

  • This is a 1099 non-employee position.
  • Flat Rate per call PLUS extra bonus for escalated qualified appointments Outbound/Inbound phone call appointment qualification escalating to Sr. Patient Coordinator
  • Business hours are 8-8 Monday-Friday Saturday 9-1
  • Must be trainable – able to read, study, and apply what is learned
  • No cold calling. All patients have sent inquiries to the medical practices
  • Business hours are 8-8 Monday-Friday Saturday 9-1 Must have a headset, high -speed internet, and a quiet place to work NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Must have remote work from home SALES or Call Center experience
  • Bonuses and Spiffs offered
  • If you are up for the challenge and want to get paid based on your stellar performance we want to hear from you!

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