Your Partner in Complying with Beneficial Ownership Requirements

Elite Med Listings now offers comprehensive services to obtain your Beneficial Ownership Information Report, ensuring your business stays compliant with legal mandates. Understanding the complexities of beneficial ownership regulations, Elite Med Listings simplifies the process, providing expert guidance every step of the way. With our specialized assistance, businesses can effortlessly navigate the requirements for beneficial ownership reporting, benefiting from our streamlined procedures and in-depth expertise. Choose Elite Med Listings for a hassle-free experience in securing your Beneficial Ownership Information Report.

In light of the Corporate Transparency Act, Elite Med Listings aids in the seamless filing of Beneficial Ownership Information Reports, crucial to avoid legal penalties.

Why Choose Elite Med Listings for Filing?

We have focused on medical practices since 2015.  Navigating the complexities of this new law, with its serious penalties, can be overwhelming. Our service simplifies this process, ensuring error-free compliance.

Achieving Compliance

We guide you in fulfilling the Corporate Transparency Act’s requirements, submitting the necessary details about your business’s owners or controllers to FinCEN.

Simplifying the Process

Our efficient approach cuts through legal complexities, guaranteeing your filing adheres to the Act’s stipulations.

Filing with Assurance

Experience the confidence of a compliant and precise submission, with all FinCEN-required information included, and receive confirmation upon report completion.

Elite Med Listings provides a streamlined and reliable solution for complying with the Corporate Transparency Act’s reporting requirements.

A plan to meet your compliance needs

Beneficial Ownership Information Report (BOIR)

Get your BOIR filed by us. We’ll send your info to FinCEN so you comply with the new rule under the Corporate Transparency Act.

Beneficial Ownership Information Report includes:

BOIR annual Compliance Filings

Get BOIR plus help with ongoing compliance for annual reports, the latest state & federal filings, alerts, and more.

 (renews annually)

Beneficial Ownership Information Report plus:

BOIR, Compliance Filings plus Licenses & Permits

BOIR and Compliance Filings, plus help with licenses and permits to operate legally at the federal, state, county, and city levels.

BOIR, Compliance Filings plus:

How to complete the
Beneficial Ownership Information Report
in 3 easy steps

Correctly reporting the required information about those who own or control your business is key to avoiding serious civil and criminal penalties. We can help you easily and accurately meet those requirements.

Complete Your Beneficial Ownership Information Report in 3 Easy Steps with Elite Med Listings

1. Inform Us About Your Beneficial Owners

Share essential details about the people owning or managing your business, ensuring your report is tailored and accurate.

2. Report Creation and Filing by Us

We handle the preparation and submission of your Beneficial Ownership Information Report, ensuring full compliance with the requirements.

3. Confirmation of Your Filed Report

After submitting your report to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), we provide you with a confirmation.

Why Elite Med Listings is Essential for Your Beneficial Ownership Information Report

  • Avoid Penalties: By using our service, you can prevent serious legal consequences, including potential imprisonment and significant fines.
  • Focus on Your Medical Practice: Let us handle the complexities of the new regulations, so you can concentrate on your medical practice.
  • Peace of Mind: Have confidence in your compliance with FinCEN, knowing your medical practice is secure.

Elite Med Listings Expertise in Medical Practices

Our team, comprising top attorneys and practice managers, specializes in the medical industry. We provide expert advice, ensuring no question goes unanswered and no obstacle unaddressed. Our proactive approach safeguards your practice, guiding you through compliance intricacies. Trust Elite Med Listings for expert management and compliance solutions tailored to the unique needs of your medical practice.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Beneficial Ownership Information Reporting Rule?

It’s a new rule under the Corporate Transparency Act, enforced by FinCEN, which aims to increase transparency in company ownership structures to combat financial crimes and fraud.

Who qualifies as a beneficial owner?

A beneficial owner is someone who either owns or controls at least 25% of a company or exercises substantial control over it. This includes key decision-makers, senior officers, and individuals with the authority to appoint or remove officers or directors.

What are the penalties for not complying?

Non-compliance can lead to criminal and civil penalties, including up to two years of imprisonment, fines up to $10,000, and daily civil fines. Accurate reporting is essential to avoid these penalties.

When is the filing deadline for the report?

The filing deadline varies. For businesses formed before Jan. 1, 2024, the deadline is Dec. 31, 2024. For those formed after, it’s within 90 days of formation. Amendments to formation documents after this date require a new report within 30 days.

How do I obtain a Beneficial Ownership Information Report?

Our service notifies you when it’s time to file. We gather necessary information, prepare the report, and file it with FinCEN. You receive confirmation of successful filing, ensuring compliance.

What does the report include?

 It contains details about your company and its owners, including legal names, birthdates, addresses, and ID document information. It ensures that all required information is accurately reported to FinCEN.

How does this rule impact LLCs?

LLCs must file the report, providing basic contact information about the company and its members.

Who is exempt from this reporting requirement?

Exemptions include publicly traded companies, tax-exempt nonprofits, and specific large operating companies. FinCEN lists 23 types of exempt entities and individuals who can’t be listed as beneficial owners.

Choosing Elite Med Listings over a low-cost legal service is beneficial for your medical practice due to our specialized expertise in medical industry nuances. Unlike generic services, we offer personalized review and access, crucial for healthcare professionals. Our service includes licensed attorneys for expert advice without extra fees, setting us apart from basic legal services. Additionally, Elite Med Listings provides an all-inclusive, affordable flat fee covering both initial and  year 2 renewal filings, ensuring a comprehensive, cost-effective solution tailored to the unique needs of medical practices.

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